The feeling of kissing the dead alive…Outfit of some Weeks

Hey there,

it’s been a while. I know. Some things need time, like having fun, making history happening to tell the story dressed in some outfits and spill my full mind. Like the story of 8th of November 2014. Don’t worry, not now. Or the story on the boat and how I felt eternity for the first time, just like the universe is bending for me. This is special stuff for a book. But how I was dressed on my journey is shown in the following pictures. And some stories about what brought me here to tell how the feeling of kissing the dead alive manifested, because I kissed a dead one alive and what lessons where to take on this chosen path to arrive where I desired to be (it’s spiritual, it’s my path, I look like a sloany pony, but anyway, get over it judging the content by it’s package…or do I look like I care..)

Once upon a time, a year ago, exactly I found myself pretty having fun and making history on the stairs to nowhere in BLB, gorgeous Restaurant and Club (I mean they serve Surf&Turf, this it’s why it’s actually called Burger&Lobster Bank) looking someone in the eyes for these 3 seconds too long…what lead to a kiss sweeping me off my feet. For God’s sake I was sitting in those stairs…Not the first time, but the second time following the most intense, craziest love story and experiences of my life. Big spoiler, still Single and not having kissed my Mr. Big alive (more a soulmate friend), it has a happy ending. Me, who’s found herself and more important, what I want and inown and closer to what I desire than ever before. Needed just all of this story, even the heartbreaking, painful part and detours of the experience and every lesson coming along and another unexpected kiss to get aware of the sense behind the journey. Thank God I was sitting on a coach… But this is a story in progress…to be continued…

So, let’s talk about the essential part of the experience, the kissing. I needed to experience kissing someone dead alive to get to know, that I wanted someone consciousness in my life, at my side. Sorry not, I’m done kissing the dead alive and waking those sleepy, unconscious Mangos from trees. It’s exhausting to be awake and aware alone, and boring too. What is it kind of a playground being there alone with all the beauty, joy and toys?! Cause this life gets more joyful, more beautiful and expands towards what’s truly fulfilling and connecting with the feeling of without a condition and dialed in when you share it, in community, in relation to common minds and hearts. Conscious Bonny and Clyde bending the universe to let something grow, thrive, and expand what really sweeps you of your feet, rips all the shadows away and shines brighter together than the sun. This is real love story…not craving and starving for the desires and needs never to be met…this is what (in my opinion) we are worth…so all the shadows and contrasts can teach us the direction to find it, the real deal. There is so much more to come of this worth, that we deserve our needs and desires to be met.

An beneath the kissing, there is time for work. How much I love my job I did for the last 3 months and the people working with me. Another textile story…and I’m ready for a new chapter, workwise. Cause this life is too short to work your ass off for something boring, not igniting your spark, nourishing your passion and making yourself proud. Thanks to my crew at POWFOX, Popsockets and MIURA…working with you guys kissed all my passion alive…and you planted the feeling of belonging and having a home, a family deep in to my heart…

Carrieforshoes and H&M Conscious CollectionThe blus dress by H&M Conscious Collection, the silver shoes by Buffalo, the withe snake clutch by Luciano BarachiniCarrieforshoes and H&M Conscious Collection Carrieforshoes and BCBG Max Azria The patterned dress by BCBG Max Azria, the grey cardigan by COS and the black overknees by ZaraCarrieforshoes and by Marlene Birger and Braunbüffel The bag by Braunbüffel, the blue jacket by IQ Berlin, the printed scarf by Marlene Birger, the green dress by Zara and the black ankle boots by Max&Co and the PopsocketCarrieforshoes and Braunbüffel The bag by Braunbüffel, the grey scarf by COS, the leather skirt by Zara, the leather coat by MANGO and the large hut by H&MCarrieforshoes and Braunbüffel Carrieforshoes and Popsockets A Carrie, a POWFOX Charging Station and a Popsocket in leather and silk
Carrieforshoes and Blacky Dress Berlin The leaopard dress by Blacky Dress Berlin, Jimmy, the black and silver clutch by Wanawake and the grey peeptoes by Jimmy Choo for H&MCarrieforshoes and Blacky Dress Berlin Carrieforshoes and Blacky Dress Berlin Carrieforshoes and BurberryThe Burberry Vintage Trenchcoat, the western hut by MANGO, the leather pants by Blacky Dress Berlin, the silver shirt by Isabel Marant pour H&M and the turquoise Popsocket
Carrieforshoes and Burberry Carrieforshoes and Mulberry The white coat by FOREVER 21, the Alexa bag by Mulberry, the white dress by Zara and the poncho by MANGOCarrieforshoes and Balenciaga The dark green leather jacket by MANGO, the white dress by H&M and the Motorcycle bag by BalenciagaCarrieforshoes and Blacky Dress Berlin The little white and the little black dress by Blacky Dress Berlin and the red shoes by FersengoldCarrieforshoes and Blacky Dress BerlinCarrieforshoes and Blacky Dress BerlinCarrieforshoes and Balenciaga The blue paperbag by Balenciaga, the grey cardigan by COS and the aztek dress by MANGOCarrieforshoes and Balenciaga The short dress by 3.1 Philip Lim and the muddy overknees by L’autre Chose, on the left, the bowling shoes by Chloé combinded with the drak green leather jacket by MANGO, the colorful scarf by CodelloCarrieforshoes and Blacky Dress Berlin The Louis Vuitton weekender, the Patrizia Pepe trenchcoat and the red dress by Blacky Dress BerlinCarrieforshoes and Patrizia PepeThe rosy peeptoes by Loft 37, the black Valentino sun glasses, the Patrizia Pepe trenchcoat and the Muse bag by YSLCarrieforshoes and Starnberger See The leather jacket and dress by MANGOCarrieforshoes and Starnberger See Carrieforshoes and Mulberry

The nude Alexa bag by Mulberry, the white vest and hut by H&M Coachella and the silk dress by Tolani

I’d like to share something keeping me together, some words a wise man gave me along my journey: I love and believe, I trust, I’m grateful and brave. Repeat it at least 80 times in 12 weeks, it’ll work. It contains everything to feel alive and in alignment. Trusting myself and the divine timing of things, I’m ready for the next chapter, not only sharing, but receiving with an open mind and heart. Allowing. For the next wonderful stories to happen, dressed in silk, leather and love. Have a wonderful week, beautiful!



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