CC on the rocks…Outfit of a monday…

Hey there…

Who said, mondays are awful?! I think this person just had no good weekend to remember and some awesome colleagues and work to meet on a monday…mine are actually great. So, to rock this week, it just takes a nice ride on my bike to work (thank God, it’s springtime here…no, we don’t need no winter here in Munich…it can snow in the Alps…), a suitable outfit and some really loud tracks on my iPod. Et Voilà, CC on the rocks…(who the f*** is CC?! My nick pronounced in English…I thought it’s time to think about my foreign readers as well and make it more convenient for an international use) it’s been a while since I spent such a long time on my bike. Though we had a really abstinent winter (I totally do not miss…), my bike (a red mountain bike and yes, she has a name…Phoebe) was only there for some short ways to the supermarket and back home (did I mention that I hate carrying groceries! But haul bags, I love carrying them…who think shopping doesn’t make you happy, was never shopping before…). But today, it was time for some new ways to my (also new) job in the office in some good old jeans of mine…

White leatherjacket by Bershka, Levi’s Demi Curve skinny jeans in dark blue, embroider black blouse by H&M, black boots by Zara Kids, necklace by Marc Jacobs and watch by Michael Kors

These Levi’s jeans are my absolute favourite ones. In dark blue, they’ll loose some colour over the years, but they fit perfectly with this curve system by Levi’s. Though the look is rocking on the outside at first, the blouse pulls off an appropriate business outfit. Leather jacket combined with jeans and some shirt is kind of my basic uniform. My dear friend J. (who I kindly allowed me to use his today’s quote „CC on the rocks“) demanded to see me more often in this kind of outfit, totally disregarding the fact that because of big lacks of creativity and time, I often choose this special combination. Okay, my collection of biker jackets is almost as enormous as my accumulation of shoes, but nonetheless, I have the „I have nothing to wear“- disease…and go back to the approved pieces…

sWell, what else is there to tell about the fairy tale of god-awful mondays….nothing, just a fairy tale, a misguided concept. In my opinion, every day can be your masterpiece, your disaster piece or just a day of thousands before. It depends on what you. I chose rocking…so, hopefully, keep on rocking this week…any ideas for some new songs on my playlist?!



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