Being Kate Moss…Outfit of the day…

Hey there,

being Kate Moss or better, feeling like that gorgeous cool woman with this extraordinary sense of style doesn’t take much, it’s more about the attitude how you wear your choice of daily fashion. The attitude includes less thinking, more doing and absolutely no caring what other people think. And rare efforts of smiling. Because of my latest thing for flower patterns and boho styles, which were also inspired by Kate, it was time to put on this dress from Bar III and combine it with one of my favorite pair of shoes und my dearest YSL bag. Of course, the leather jacket can not be missing as well as some big sunglasses.

IMG_4856 The Look:

Flower print dress by Bar III, Leatherjacket by Mango, Heesl by Premiata, Yves Saint Laurent Muse Bag, Watch by Michael Kors and embellished Sunglasses by Bluemarine
IMG_4859 IMG_4862 IMG_4865 IMG_4879Lipstick by Rouge d‘ Armani Beige 100IMG_4886

IMG_4888In a Kate Moss manner, I resign many words. Treat yourself extraordinary well, enjoy the sun while not caring a thing in the world what others might think or do or judge and go your way. In your own beloved clothes. Happy weekend…



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