The world is yours, Carrie…Outfit of last week

Hello there,

I mean when I say, the world is yours. I look at this picture painted by a dear highschool friend for my 21th birthday. So I am infiltrated with this MEM, credo or whatever you might call it since 7 years and I still feel the deep meaning my friend intended to gave me on my way to the future…a stressful move, disappointments, a current bad weather period and what else not worth to get into a fuzz, doens’t matter. The world still mine, yours, ours. So, big question: how to conquer the world that is promised to me? Of course, in a nice outfit with a big smile and a little nonchalance…

The World is yours, Carrie OOTD

Since the most beautiful promising spring day didn’t last that long, it was the occasion (in wise previson) to put on my favorite patterned satin short and get the best out of this day. So I choose this combination to rock this exam (yes, it was exam day…) and get it over with. Hey, after expandable weeks of studying and managing a move and a job and a blog and a private life, the least thing I could do, is to treat myself with a casual-chic-little-tiny-sexy spring look.





The World is yours, Carrie OOTD

IMThe World is yours, Carrie OOTDG_3501

The World is yours, Carrie OOTD

The World is yours, Carrie OOTD

IMG_3499The World is yours, Carrie OOTD

Satin shorts (H&M last season), white chiffon blouse (H&M current season), white smoking blazer (Mango last season), golden link chain (H&M current season), watch (Michael Kors 5055), pilot sunglasses (Rayban) and grey pumps (Zara)

After successful tests, a little party not only hurt nobody, it’s quite a duty. Especially when it’s the birthday bash of THE Munich institution of all clubs, also known as the P1. 30 years ago this traditional Munich place to be for the A-Z celebs, stepping stone for several WAGs, professional girlfriends and source of endless amounts of champagne (if you are equipped with an appropriate credit card or someone who has one), opened its doors. And as a well-bred resident of this beautifil town, I paid my respects with a an appropiate It-bag and a change of shoes from mouse-grey to nude- so-on top- killer heels and a nude belt around the hips. Matching accossory is kind of my not so secret passions and of course transforming a look into something wearable day and night with some little adjustments.

The World is yours, Carrie OOTD

The World is yours, Carrie OOTD

The World is yours, Carrie OOTD

The world is yours, Carrie...OOTD

©Felix Hörhager
©Felix Hörhager

Nude heels (Buffalo), nude leather wrap belt (Rag Republic) and Mulberry Alexa Oak bag

There is no birthday party without a cake (had none), some champagne (had some) and friends to meet up with (quite a few). Phew, this was quite a long day. Totally worth it to do the dressing part early in the morning and taking the chance to wear shorts so early this year. Hopefully I made them my lucky pants on this day. In about 8 weeks I’ll get my results back, until then I will have a look at the painting and deepen the feeling of „the world is yours“ to make every day a little further piece of puzzle of the big, grand, stunning masterpiece, also called life.



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