Only my nails stay nude this week…Ciaté Amazing Gracie

Hello there my dearest readers,

since I’ve recognized that I have readers from the UK and other english speaking countries, I decided to dedicate this post to my second mother tongue.

Well, if you are talking to girls about nude, they’ll think more of the colour nude. Nude lipsticks, nail polishes and maybe, for the beauty experts, Lisa Eldridge’s famous nude look tutorial on I spare you my personal opinion what guys are thinking when they hear of nude, but as far as I can tell, it won’t be about a decent, classy look. Don’t blame the poor species…when testosterone rules your brains, you are just a victim of your own biology. So, for this week, only my nails stay in nude. Because it’s fits perfectly to every occasion, business- or party-like, just classy.

Sometimes the simplest ways are the best ways to remain true to yourself…As Carrie Bradshaw once said…

1233341_10151849629481240_1541463823_nTrue story…and if you are lucky, you‘ ll find one of those exemplars who are able to be more than just a hormone-driven ape..lucky me, .Mr. Carrieforshoes totally knows what I mean, when I am talking about nude…

Have a nice weekend with your loved ones…



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